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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jacqueline Shaw

The strong but at the same time raw and romantic energy used in Jacqueline Shaw´s art emphasizes her strokes and color in the authenticity of her work in a profound way. Born in Mexico City in 1969, Jacqueline Shaw spent her youth in the city where visible markers of Mexico's culture coincided with radical changes in her life while living for a few years in Mexicali B.C., border with the US. While studying Graphic Design later on in Monterrey N.L., Jacqueline Shaw discovered complex ways to frame not only her thoughts but the cultural differences and social contradictions, permitting herself to express through a variety of colors in her mixed media paintings.

Jacqueline Shaw depicts sceneries created with spontaneity drawing special attention to surreal human presence. Although her inspiration generally comes from within, her passion for nature is normally present in her themes as shelf of intense emotion. Layer upon layer of paint, charcoal, oil pastels or emulsions are applied helping the palette knife strokes wrap the spectators’ feelings, absorbing them through color and the magical realism of art.


Alex said...

Hello Jacqueline,

I sent you an email on the 7th regarding ArtWalk but I think my email might have ended up in your spam and we do not have a phone number for you. I hope this reaches you!

I would like to invite you to be one of the artists featured on San Diego 6 news Thursday morning the 23rd of April for Mission Federal ArtWalk. San Diego 6 will be setting up a live remote in Little Italy at the Piazza located at India & Fir. As a featured artist, you would be interviewed while painting/or demonstrating some of your art (real or fake). The questions will revolve around describing your unique artistic style, talking about your work and ArtWalk. We request that you bring three pieces of art as well as one piece to demonstrate on during the interview. You will also need to bring your own easels and painting supplies.

The tentative time for the event is 5:45am but if you agree we will update you as the date nears. San Diego 6 will be set up for about three hours but you will not be asked to stay the whole time. We would love for you to be a part of this as it is a great way to spotlight your work as well as Mission Federal ArtWalk! Please let me know if you would like to participate and I look forward to hearing from you.


Jacqueline Shaw said...

I will be glad to be there.

Mosiah Schaule said...

Oi Jaqueline!!
Gostei muito de sua obra!!
São belas pinturas onde impressiona com grandeza trazendo realidades internas para suas de forma que o mergulho nelas torna-se inevitável.
Parabéns menina.
Posso usar uma de suas pinturas em meu blog?
Um grande beijo.

Jacqueline Shaw said...

Mosiah Schaule
I am glad that you liked I am glad that you liked my work. I saw the picture in your blog and really liked it. Thank you
Jacqueline Shaw

Jacqueline Shaw said...

also visit:

Tere said...

Me siento muy orgullosa. Mucho exito para el futuro.